Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

GreenTech creates environmentally friendly products that improve the health and quality of life for people throughout the world. As part of that mission, we are honored to partner with #MakeMamaProudTN of East Tennessee and excited to feature our pureWash Pro X2 and pureAir FRIDGE products!

Love Your Pet Day

What better way to show our pets love than to give them clean air to breathe, a warm place to snuggle down in the winter, and a cool place to relax in the summer? GreenTech has several products we absolutely love because they help us provide a safe and comfortable home for our beloved pets. 


Why Ozone is a Smarter Way to Clean Clothes

pureWash Pro X2 uses aqueous ozone, the same technology used by hospitals, hotels, and sports centers, and applies it to a residential environment with a unit that fits into your laundry room and costs so little that it pays for itself within a year.

Is Detergent Hurting Your Family’s Health?

Laundry detergent includes several toxic ingredients. pureWash Pro X2 from GreenTech Environmental turns your washer into a powerful laundry purifying machine without detergent or even hot water!

When Laundry Plays Into the Sickness - Laundry and Stomach Flu

Using a natural disinfectant called aqueous ozone, pureWash Pro X2 cleans and sterilizes your clothes better than bleach without adding chemicals to your clothing. When you use cold water and pureWash Pro X2, your washer becomes a powerful purifying machine.

When Laundry Is More Than Just Cleaning Stains

With the amount of bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air, people want to do everything they can to protect themselves and their families. pureWash Pro is an affordable, effective solution for sanitizing and deodorizing your laundry.

Is There Mold In My Laundry?

Mold in your washing machine and laundry not only smells bad, but also has negative effects on your health. pureWash Pro X2 from GreenTech treats mold in your laundry and your washing machine every time you wash.

The Cost of Doing Laundry

An average family does about 8 loads of laundry per week, which adds up to significant costs. But with pureWash Pro X2 and its oxygenated water technology, you can stop buying detergent, start using cold water, and start saving money right away!

Why pureWash Uses Cold Water

When washing with pureWash, always go for the coldest water setting. pureWash uses aqueous ozone to clean and purify your clothes instead of the detergent surfactants that require warm or hot water. Ozone works best in cold water! 

Airing your dirty laundry… The truth about laundry and pollution

If you are washing your clothes with chemicals, your laundry’s wastewater includes a hefty amount of bleach, detergent, acid, fragrances, softeners, and more. The great news is that there is a BETTER way to wash your clothes - with the pureWash Pro X2 from GreenTech Environmental.

Why pureWash?

The residential laundry market was unable to benefit from the cost-effective solution of oxygenated water cleaning until GreenTech scaled down the laundry purification process used by hospitals, hotels, and commercial laundry facilities for use in home washing machines.