Laundry Is More Than Just Cleaning Stains

My family of four just had an amazing pureWash experience and I wanted to share. We are currently shopping for a “new to us” used van. Last Saturday night, we headed down to the local dealership to test drive a van that had just come in from another lot. When we initially got in, we noticed it smelled funny but didn’t realize until we were getting out of the vehicle that it had a serious mold problem. The seat belt on our three-year-old daughter was covered in mold (it was dark outside, so didn’t see that till too late). Her shirt had mold all over it! I was completely disgusted and sick about it. Fortunately, I had another shirt for her with me, so I took it off and we quickly scooted off to the bathroom to wash off.

From my time working with the pureWash team, I am fully aware that pureWash Pro has been laboratory tested and proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and mold, but I’ve never experienced it personally. After all, I’m the kind of mom that really works hard to keep our environment as clean as possible. I quickly realized this was a great opportunity to really put our pureWash Pro to the test, so I decided to take her shirt and rub it into that moldy seat belt to get as much mold on it as possible. Yuck! It was covered in black from the mold. Then, I placed it in a trash bag and took it home. I washed it in pureWash only – no detergent because I really wanted to see how it would do on its own. When it came out, I was so thrilled! No black – anywhere. Perfectly white again and it smelled so fresh and clean. This was after it had been left in the washing machine all night (since I can never seem to stay awake late enough to take my laundry out right when it’s done). I can honestly say that I felt completely confident that it was mold-free, healthy, safe, and clean for my daughter to wear again.

This is the reason I’m so glad that I have pureWash in my laundry. Detergent does not clean bacteria and molds. Most people wash in hot water with bleach, which is harsh on your clothes and harmful to your body and the environment. With the number of bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air, people should WANT to do everything they can to protect themselves and their families. pureWash Pro is the BEST solution. This experience made me more confident and I am so glad that I have pureWash purifying my clothes.