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The only way to eliminate odors and VOCs at the molecular level.

Changed, forever.

ODOGard® stands as an innovative and unparalleled solution for combatting odors and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within indoor environments. Its exceptional efficacy lies in its unique approach, which delves deep into molecular-level interactions. When ODOGard® treated filters are integrated into air purification systems, any air that passes through the filter comes into contact with specialized agents that, upon contact with odor molecules and VOCs, initiate a highly specific chemical reaction. This reaction effectively changes the structure of these compounds, disarming their odoriferous properties and rendering them neutral. ODOGard®, in essence, acts as a molecular-level exterminator, breaking down odors and other VOCs at their core. As a result, the air circulated through the system emerges fresh, free from any lingering traces of unwanted scents or harmful volatile organic compounds. This breakthrough technology not only ensures a pleasant and clean indoor environment but also underscores its commitment to both safety and efficiency, making it the go-to choice for odor elimination and indoor air purification.

Overview of ODOGard

1. Odor molecules

Everyone wants to get rid of them... but what are your options?

2. Encapsulate it?

Some try to encapsulate the odor with some other kind of coating. These are temporary and eventually will wear off.

3. mask it?

A more commonly used solution is to cover the odor with another fragrance, such as using a candle, air freshener, or diffuser. However, these are also temporary solutions and will eventually fade away.

4. What other solutions exist?

The two most common ways that people deal with odors, encapsulating and masking, are effective but temporary. We have found a permenant solution to odors: ODOGard.

5. ODOGard

Only ODOGard® treated filters are the safe and effective way to permanently destroy odors and volatile organic compounds at the molecular level.

6. Covalent Bond

ODOGard forms a covalent bond with the odor molecule.

7. Permanent change

When bonded to the molecule, ODOGard changes its molecular structure, eliminating the odor molecule and the odor forever.

8. Gone, forever

This change completely removes the odor from your breathing space, forever. Like it was never there.

Greentech Exclusive

ODOGard is exclusively found in Greentech air purification. It has been extensively lab tested for safety and efficacy. Please contact us for more information. Shop ODOGard ehanced products below.