HEPA, on a new level

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Greentech has taken the industry-leading HEPA filtration technology to the next level. Our HEPA+ line is powered by the odor-eliminating power of ODOGard. Combined, this filter removes VOCs and odors better than any other standard HEPA filter.

How it works


Unlike other HEPA air filters on the market, Greentech is proud to exclusively offer HEPA+. The "+" represents the filter coating, ODOGard. When combined, the ODOGard supercharges the HEPA filter to create outstanding results.

Active HEPA+

With our Active HEPA+ line, we take things a step further. Active means that there are active purification technologies at work. In combination with the passive technology found in HEPA+, this product is a very powerful tool for all air purification needs.


pureHEPA+ is the newest line of portable air purifers we have created. Due to the high demand for ODOGard, we decided to make a purifier that simply uses HEPA+. This is a great entry-level product to test the power of ODOGard.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I was hoping that using this air purifier would help eliminate cooking odors and pet odors. After a couple weeks of use, we couldn’t be happier. Everything needed is included in the box. Set up and Wi-Fi connection was simple. Love the bright illumination showing air quality!
— Dick52
Customer reviews
This product has worked wonders for my household. We have a dog and my son is constantly sneezing and coughing because of his allergies. Every since we've started using thus product he now barely sneezes and cough. The air seems much cleaner in our home. The quality is great and we just love it. The style is also nice where it fits in with out decor.
— Jazzyjoy4
Customer reviews
I use this in my old RV - easy to use. Plug it in and it goes to work. Fairly quiet. Seems to help with musky odors. I leave it plugged in and let it do its thing all day - safe and doesn't get hot. It really is just a flat box version of a large air purifier which is easy to move and carry around. Works great for my needs.
— Roo