Why pureWash? pureWash is laundry done better. Cleaner, fluffier, healthier, happier laundry.

For decades, the commercial market has successfully advanced from the outdated use of chemical detergents in laundry to the cleaner, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution of ozone cleaning. Hospitals, hotels, commercial laundry facilities, and other industries are embracing ozone technology because of its ability to clean better than detergent without the harmful side effects of chemicals.

The residential laundry market, however, has not been offered this same solution until recently when GreenTech Environmental’s founder and CEO scaled down the same laundry purification process for use with a residential washing machine.

Many people believe that laundry detergent is the best way to clean clothes, but the truth is that detergent is not only an insufficient cleaner, but it’s also very harmful to our health and the environment. Detergent does not effectively remove bacteria, mold, or mildew from the laundry or the washing machine itself. In fact, the buildup of detergent inside your washing machine and clothing fibers adds to the issue of these contaminants. Dirty laundry pollutants like fecal matter not only aren’t removed from your clothes but are passed to the following loads of laundry.

pureWash reinvents the laundry cleaning process by trading out the hot water, chemical detergents, and bleach for a much more natural solution – ozone. This organic cleaning molecule is produced and infused into your washing machine’s cold water source inside the pureWash appliance. Every load of laundry will result in cleaner, healthier clothes and linens.

pureWash actively destroys odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew from laundry without the harmful chemicals and hot water required for detergent. The wastewater from your washing machine is safer for the environment, your washing machine will remain cleaner for longer, and you will save money on every wash. In addition, people with skin sensitivities or allergies to detergents aren’t exposed to the harmful chemicals that cause pain, discomfort, or health issues.

pureWash is simple to use. Every time you run your washing machine, pureWash automatically does the cleaning for you. It only requires cold water and occasional spot treating for those tougher stains.

pureWash is laundry done better. Cleaner, fluffier, healthier, happier laundry.