Wearable Purification For Going Back to School

Let’s face it, back to school this year isn’t coming with the usual conversations about what to wear or whose backpack is best. Instead, there is a whole host of dialogue about how to keep the family safe and healthy while also ensuring that the kids are receiving a quality education. 

August 10, 2020 — Kimberly Wilson

Get Dad the Gift of Comfort with Great Deals and Fast Shipping

Friendly reminder – Father’s Day is coming up soon! But don’t panic. With fast shipping from GreenTech Environmental, you still have time to get dad the gift of comfort. Check out our gift guide below for some great ideas based upon your budget!

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

GreenTech creates environmentally friendly products that improve the health and quality of life for people throughout the world. As part of that mission, we are honored to partner with #MakeMamaProudTN of East Tennessee and excited to feature our pureWash Pro X2 and pureAir FRIDGE products!

GreenTech Environmental Manufactures Critical Surface and Air Purification Systems for CASPR Group; Ready for Hospitals Nationwide

The CASPR Medik product, developed in a collaboration between CASPR Group and GreenTech Environmental specifically for the healthcare market to re-create the same natural processes that reduce outdoor pollution, actively seeks out and eliminates indoor air pollution and illness-causing pathogens on surfaces and in the air. 

Spring Cleaning Your Air

pureAir products are the perfect solution for indoor air cleaning. We offer air purifiers for every shape and size home, and finding the right purifier for your space will be the easiest step in your Spring Cleaning routine. 

Love Your Pet Day

What better way to show our pets love than to give them clean air to breathe, a warm place to snuggle down in the winter, and a cool place to relax in the summer? GreenTech has several products we absolutely love because they help us provide a safe and comfortable home for our beloved pets. 


Bringing Clean Air to Australia

Recent bush fires in Australia led to extremely poor air quality, affecting thousands of people. State-of-the-art air purification technology from GreenTech Environmental made it easier to breathe for many of those suffering from lingering smoke and particulates in the air.

Litter Boxes: Solving the Stink Without the Side Effects

pureAir by GreenTech Environmental offers a claw-some solution to the stinky problem of cat litter boxes. Our pureAir 50 actually removes the cat litter odors rather than covering them up, leaving the space around your litter box smelling fresh and clean.

Vitamins of the Air: The Positives of Negative Ionization

pureAir by GreenTech Environmental offers air purification that surpasses mere filtration by introducing multiple forms of active air purification technology, including negative ionization, to the indoor environment.

Why pureAir?

Rather than mere filtration, pureAir purifiers produce active pollution-destroying technologies that are propelled into your home, seeking out and destroying the pollutants from your breathing space and surfaces.