Litter Boxes: Solving the Stink Without the Side Effects

At this very meow-ment, more than 95 million people in the United States own a cat, and many own more than one. The joy of cat ownership is evident by doing a simple online search where you will find hours of heartwarming videos and pictures of adorable kittens and cats doing what they do best – bringing joy to the ones they love.

However, there’s one side effect of having a cat in your home that can be rather cat-astrophic – the litter box. Google “stinky litter box” and you’ll see just how prevalent this problem has become. If you are a cat owner, you’ve probably tried multiple solutions from switching litter to using a scented plug-in fragrance or candle in the home. However, no matter how hard you try, removing these odors from your home can seem im-paws-ible.

pureAir by GreenTech Environmental offers a claw-some solution to this stinky problem. One that actually removes the cat litter odors rather than covering them up, but instead leaves the space around your litter box smelling fresh and clean, as though the box isn’t there at all.

pureAir 50 is the plug-in purifier of your cat-loving dreams. Designed to purify the air in small spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and pet areas, pureAir 50 disburses active air purification into the room? What is active air purification? I’m glad you asked! Let’s stick with cats for a great analogy of how active air purification works vs passive air purification (like air filters).

Active vs. Passive Air Purification Analogy: If your home had a mouse problem, there are two different ways to handle this situation. The first way is to passively catch the mouse using a mousetrap, which would require the mouse to come to the trap in order to be captured. The second way is to employ our favorite furry friend, the cat, to actively search your home for the mouse and capture it.

Active air purification is like employing your cat to catch the mouse. Instead of waiting for contaminated, stinky air to come through a filter in your air purifier, pureAir 50 actually sends the purification into the room to actively clean and sanitize the air, removing all odors and bacteria, leaving a fresh space for you to enjoy with your sweet mouse-catching cat.

What about those fragrance plug-ins and air fresheners that mask the odors of your little kitty’s litter box? Well, keeping with our mouse problem analogy, the fragrance plug-in, air freshener, or candle would be like spraying toxic rat poison all over your home to kill the mouse. While this may prove effective, it has also introduced toxic ingredients into the air you and your family are breathing as well.

pureAir 50 is “the cat’s pajamas” for litter box odor control, and the cost of owning one is less expensive than purchasing plug-in fragrance refills every 30 days because it’s a one-time purchase – no filters and no maintenance cost required.

If we have purr-suaded you to check out pureAir 50 for your home, simply ask your local GreenTech Environmental Affiliate or Dealer for more information or visit We are paw-sitive you will be more than satisfied. In fact, see below for some of our favorite pureAir 50 reviews!

"I have cats and the odor from the cat litter box is gone! I had tried everything but the pureAir 50 works!"
Hunter D, Illinois
"We have 2 of the small units that plug into a wall outlet. We used one by the cats' litter box and one in the half bathroom, and the air always smells fresh. No more worrying about guests noticing any kitty odors when they visit!"
Kim P, Illinois
"Thanks to my pureAir 50 from Green Tech Environmental, my bedroom smells fresh despite the use of a litter box in that area. It collects cat urine crystals that I would otherwise inhale, preventing exposure to allergens. I will always use Pure Air 50 around my litter boxes!"
Jennifer M, Ohio
"I love my small plug-in air purifier. I use it in my basement where I have the cat little box and it keeps it smelling fresh. Great value!"
Vicki M, Wisconsin
"My basement always had the musty smell, I decided to try my pureAir 50. I now love going into my basement (daily feed/cat pan). Just love my pureAir 50, great product!"
Lori A.
"I must say that the air purifier exceeds my expectations! I usually do not write testimonials. I put my purifier in a room that once was very badly engulfed in a cat urine smell. The smell improved after being remodeled and enzyme-treated, but I wanted to get rid of any remaining lingering smells. I did not want my cats to repeat the bad habits of the previous owner's cats. With the purifier installed, there is no hint or any old smells. I personally love the ozone smell it emits. I plan to buy another unit! A must-have for stubborn old smelly smells!"
Rachel H.