Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day is Thursday, February 20th

To celebrate, I’m going to introduce you to a few pet-friendly products my family and I appreciate. In our home, we have two tabby cats who shed and spread dander in every nook and cranny. We also have Kali the Pithuahua (or Chipit) that thinks she is a human. Yep, that’s right, a pitbull chihuahua mix. (When you get back from googling what that looks like, let’s get back to the discussion.) So for us pet parents, what is more important than our fur babies’ health and well-being? We are their whole world and they look to us to care for their every need and to protect them. What better way to do that than to give them clean air to breathe, a warm place to snuggle down in the winter, and a cool place to relax in the summer? GreenTech Environmental has a few products we absolutely love because they help us provide a safe and comfortable home for our beloved pets. 

For clean air, I love Greentech Environmental’s pureAir 1500 and pureAir 50. I’ll start with the most important and obvious reason, the smell. Have you ever walked into someone’s house and smelled wet dog or their cat’s litter box? You know the smell, it is not welcoming nor is it enjoyable. In my home, we use our pureAir 50 into the plug nearest our two litter boxes. It’s perfectly compact for those small spaces and it is easy to scale the purification up and down depending on how smelly the space is. We also have our pureAir 1500 in the middle of our home on top of our entertainment center. This small yet powerful purifier has the ability to purify up to 1500 square feet using active air purification technology. What do I mean by active? I’ll tell you because it’s the key to a truly clean home. Most purifiers on the market just use filtration or other technologies that require the air in your room to pass through the purifier. pureAir technology actively goes out into your room and cleans the air and surfaces for a much cleaner home!

Just after we started using these air purifiers, a friend came over and after sitting around for a while asked if we got rid of our cats. EEEK, how embarrassing! I never realized how that smell had carried through our little home before, but I do notice that the smell is gone now! We all deserve clean air to breathe. Air purifiers also help rid your home of dander and allergens that can affect certain people and can trigger allergic reactions. You may not have an allergy to your animals or their dander but statistically, someone in your family or friend group does. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that “In the United States, as many as three in 10 people with allergies have allergic reactions to cats and dogs.” So, let’s purify that air.


To keep a comfortable and safe home for our pets, Greentech Environmental has pureHeat 3-in-1, pureHeat SNUG, and pureFlow Qt7. The pureHeat line is safe to touch and safe for little paws and whiskers (both fur and human). Let’s be honest, our pets love the warmest places and these heaters are made with their safety in mind. pureHeat 3-in-1 is a combination heater, humidifier, and air purifier that can keep you and your precious pet warm, healthy, and comfortable without having to waste money heating the whole house. pureHeat SNUG is a smaller wall heater with a lot of heating power. It’s perfect for those small spaces like bathrooms, small rooms, or even your office. pureHeat heaters do not emit such a high heat to cause burns or are capable of singeing the hair on our fur babies like other space heaters. For cool air, pureFlow Qt7 is a bladeless and powerful fan. Yep, I said bladeless. It can be easily set on the floor or a table and oscillates to circulate air throughout your entire room. Can it get any safer than that?

Last but definitely not least, remember that wet dog smell that I mentioned before? You know the one … Fido went for a stroll in the rain then shook off right in the middle of your living room!  The smell has permeated the house and STINKS FOREVER! How do you get that out of your dog bed, sheets, and blankets (we all know you let that fur baby in your bed), or the couch cover? You throw them in the washing machine connected to pureWash Pro.  It provides 100% safe, natural oxidation that dissolves and removes residue and cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your entire laundry. So, it removes the stink without using harmful chemicals and ridiculous amounts of soap and odor removers. In turn, it saves you money so you can treat your fur baby to a new chew toy, snacks, or that cool new battery-operated mouse! One of my cats had a bladder infection that wreaked havoc on my small bathroom rug and pureWash Pro saved the day. As we all know, once a cat uses the bathroom in one place, they will repeatedly use it as their own personal potty until that smell is removed. I accredit the one and done issue to my beloved pureWash Pro. Though I haven’t tried it personally yet, I found out that pureWash Pro is also a great way to wash your dog without harsh soaps (using the hose attachment for ozone water). I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can try this on Kali!

GreenTech Environmental’s goal is to improve lives by enhancing the quality of life indoors. Happily, those lives they improve include our pets! My home and the health of my family and pets have definitely benefited from their products. Why do I trust their products? They are a company with a heart for animals. Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below of the GreenTech Environmental family of pets!