pureHeat Outdoor GARAGE & PATIO Heater


Cover your outdoor space in a blanket of warmth, allowing your family to comfortably enjoy the outdoors more days of the year. pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO tower heater is a perfect patio heater and brings the coziness of the indoors to your outdoors with a 5-foot area of consistent heat that is unaffected by the wind.

With a simple setup, you are minutes away from enjoying your morning coffee from the comfort of patio with your patio heater! This free-standing patio heater can be used in any outdoor space, perfect for a garage heater, shop heater, deck heater, cabin heater, or wherever you want effective, comfortable heat.

Weatherproof design

pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO heater is rugged enough for outdoor use. The aluminum body and design allow it to withstand inclement weather.

24-hour shut-off timer

Set your desired shut-off time and don’t worry about forgetting to turn off your pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO heater.

Superior heating technology

pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO heater Carbon Fiber Element provides safe and efficient warmth without any of the dangers of oil, ceramic, or quartz bulb heaters. With an estimated lifetime of over 5,000 hours, this heating element will keep you warm for years to come!

Remote-controlled warmth

pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO heater has three power modes and shut off-timer can be conveniently controlled with the included remote.

360° tip-over safety

pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO heater has far-reaching legs to prevent tip-overs, and a built-in tip-over safety shut-off feature will turn the power off if it ever accidently gets knocked over.

Convenient wall-mounting option

Use the included wall mounting bracket to get your pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO heater off the ground. The unit connects easily to the sturdy mount, giving you more flexibility in placement.