Replacement Fiber Mesh Rear Filter for pureHeat 2-in-1


Replacement fiber mesh rear filter for pureHeat 2-in-1 Heater and Air Purifier.

When to Clean

The filter should be cleaned every 30 days or more often if you find that the filter is collecting visible particulates.

  1. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  2. Remove the filter assembly screw using a screwdriver. Place the screw aside where you will not misplace it.
  3. Slide the filter assembly straight out of the rear of the unit until it is free.
  4. Carefully remove the filter from the filter assembly.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove built-up particulates from the filter.
  6. Carefully replace the filter in the filter assembly.
  7. Slide the filter assembly straight in to the rear of the unit until it is properly seated.
  8. Replace the filter assembly screw using a screwdriver. Tighten until snug.
  9. Plug the power cord back into the outlet.