Replacement HEPA-Carbon Filter for pureAir 500


Replacement HEPA-carbon filter for pureAir 500.

When to Clean:
  1. For proper operation, the unit should be cleaned at least once per month.
  2. Turn the unit OFF and remove the Power Plug.
  3. Remove the Filter Screw from the Filter Cover.
  4. Carefully remove the Filter from the unit. WARNING: No part of this unit should come into contact with water during cleaning.
  5. Blow the Filter out with compressed air or use a vacuum to remove any dust or debris.
  6. Blow the interior of your unit out with compressed air.
  7. Replace the Filter, Filter Cover, and Filter Cover Screw.
  8. Plug your unit in and return it to your previously set mode.

Filter Life

Filter life depends upon the level of pollutants in the space being cleaned. Filters should be replaced once a year to ensure the highest quality of purification.