Replacement Purification Plate for pureAir 3000


Keep your pureAir 3000 whole-home air purifier running at its peak performance level by replacing the purification plate when necessary.

4"x4" High-Frequency Ceramic Purification Plate. Refer to the original pureAir 3000 owner's manuals for instructions.

When to Clean

Using white vinegar or a solution of equal parts warm water and clear ammonia, soak the purification plate for 8-10 hours but do not exceed 12 hours. Using a soft-bristle brush, scrub the wire mesh to remove debris. Rinse thoroughly. Allow the purification plate to dry completely before reinstalling. Use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts on the interior of the purifier that touch the purification plate.

How to Tell if It's Working

When the air purifier is on, the purification plate can be detected by smell when the unit is not set on PCO mode.