As we try to reach a new normal in classrooms this year, people are thinking more seriously about indoor school environments and the safety of their children. We talk about being in a post-pandemic year even as numbers are rising and variants become more widespread, especially among our young. Their safety is as critical today as it was last year.


Many schools have already made the move to protect their students and teachers by adding air purification systems to combat airborne viruses and pathogens. With clean, pure environments, teachers can teach and students can learn without having to worry about becoming sick because of airborne pollutants. And parents who struggle with the decision about online learning vs. classroom can rest easy knowing their school has taken extra measures to keep their kids safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocates that children learn best when they are in a classroom environment, and most of us have come to realize this over the past year. The simple addition of a portable air purifier to the classroom may result in up to five times lower particle concentrations in the air throughout the entire room.


Clean air is vital to our schools. Air purifying systems come in many shapes and sizes, from personal units that protect the air around you, to single room to entire building purifiers. The addition of a small space purifier to a classroom can freshen the air, reduce allergens and odors caused by bacteria, mold and more. HVAC air purifiers can be installed into existing ductwork clean and purify entire school buildings.


School systems that have already installed air purifying systems have already reaped the benefits, from reduced absenteeism to students who have greater focus. Dr. Ronnie Gonzalez, Assistant Superintendent of Navasota Independent School District in Texas, recently said, “Our district is in good shape and has fared better than many of the districts around us. Protecting our students and teachers is our number one priority. This (Greentech pureAir system) has been instrumental in helping us do that. I recommend using this technology highly because it does what it says.”


At Greentech, we’re a company made up of parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles. These are our children we’re talking about, and it gives us a great sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that we can provide solutions to help keep our kids and families safer with the products we make. We’re happy to be serving the school community and to help kids get the education they deserve in a pure, clean environment. We can’t always be there to keep these kids socially distant and ensure masks are on properly, but we can do something about the indoor air they breathe.


Ask your school what they’re doing to purify their indoor air, because we want all kids to have a safe learning environment.

September 03, 2021 — Brianna Honigmann