These are exciting times at GreenTech Environmental, and the future is even brighter with the naming of Brandon Taylor as Chief Executive Officer and adding Larry L. Enterline as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Brandon joined GreenTech in 2019 as CFO/COO and was instrumental in helping develop and execute the strategy that led to the company’s most successful year in its 11-year history; the company reported 200% growth under his leadership. Prior to joining GreenTech, Brandon held several key roles with The Brock Group and Weatherford International focused on financial and operational transformations including significant experience in mergers and acquisitions.

"The active air purification industry is at a pivotal moment as there is heightened awareness and unprecedented interest in creating healthier indoor living environments," says Taylor.

"GreenTech has always been a technology-based company committed to the health & safety of our customers first and foremost. The future of GreenTech involves improving indoor air quality with a multi-technology approach centered around optimal product performance, safety and efficacy."

Another person we’re excited to have on the team is Larry Enterline, who will serve as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Larry is Chief Executive Officer of Vulcan Holdings, Inc., a private investment firm, and brings more than 40 years of experience in the technology and consumer product space to GreenTech’s Board of Directors. He retired as Chief Executive Officer of FOX Factory Holdings Inc, the industry-leading ride dynamics company, where he took the company public in 2013 and most recently served as Chairman of the Board.

"It’s a transitional time for GreenTech Environmental and I’m pleased to be a part of this emerging industry," says Enterline. "I firmly believe over the next decade the need and awareness for indoor air purification is going to continue to grow and I’m honored to advise GreenTech Environmental and help them navigate the path forward."

There are great things happening at GreenTech. Stay tuned for what’s next!

September 01, 2021 — Brianna Honigmann