pureComfort & Joy YEAR-ROUND - This year’s hottest (and coolest) luxury gift is sure to last you all season, every season, year-round

These days, the weather outside can be frightful; whether it’s the beating sun during the summer or frigid temperatures during the winter, we have the solution. From the mountains of Oregon to the tip of Miami, our country experiences extreme temperatures, sometimes changing 50° or more in one day… I know you’ve all seen the meme… Mother Nature is bipolar! This year’s hottest (and coolest) luxury gift is sure to last you all season, every season, year-round. 

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND is a bladeless appliance that controls your indoor climate all year. It’s your winter warrior and summer soldier of indoor comfort. Priced conveniently below $200, less than ⅓ the price of competing bladeless fan/heater combos, it’s the deluxe gift that will bring year-round comfort and joy to everyone you love.

As family and friends come to visit and you are preparing your guest bedroom, consider how pureComfort YEAR-ROUND can make you the hero of hospitality. Predicting whether your guests prefer a warm or cool room for sleeping can be rather tricky. However, pureComfort YEAR-ROUND offers the advantage of both heating and cooling for them to choose themselves.

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND will also rescue your morning routine. How many times have you walked into a cold bathroom in the morning then become too hot after a shower? pureComfort YEAR-ROUND can start the morning off by providing welcoming warmth as you wake and then switch to cool as soon as you are feeling overheated by the blow dryer. The heater/fan is all about maintaining a comfortable temperature with one convenient appliance.

The functionality and versatility of pureComfort YEAR-ROUND are masterful. To distribute the air evenly throughout your space, it can be set to oscillate 90° horizontally. The manual tilt of up to 52.5° makes heating and cooling possible from the floor or counter. Controlling the temperature is simple – use the touch panel or included remote. Fan and heat modes are easy to distinguish with corresponding red and blue LED lights. If you prefer to keep your energy usage under control, pureComfort YEAR-ROUND offers a 1- to 9-hour shut-off timer.

This hero heater/fan combo takes safety to a whole new level. The PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) heater maintains a much lower internal temperature than other space heaters, meaning the grille is safe-to-the-touch and the heater is incapable of causing a fire. The bladeless fan keeps little fingers and paws protected so that you can use it with children and pets playing nearby.

Most of all, this little appliance is mighty in strength and power by blasting cool or hot air up to 15 feet. Keep your holiday party rocking all night long using the powerful 12 fan speed options that circulate both hot and cool air through the entire space for maximum comfort with every guest. As New Year’s Eve approaches, this is the perfect time to start 2020 with pureComfort & JOY all year-round.