It’s Getting Hot in Here - Winter is Here

Winter is here, bringing with it the cold rain, frosty mornings, and snowy weather that some love and others love to hate. Whether you’re one who prefers the warmth or maybe you prefer the cooler side of the pillow at night, we can all agree on one thing – winter should not mean expensive heating bills. Let GreenTech Environmental save your winter! We offer a full line of long-lasting heaters that will elevate the temperatures of your indoor (and outdoor) spaces while maintaining affordable energy costs.

GreenTech Environmental’s Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) heating technology is superior to the typical space heater options that use gas, bulbs, or ceramic heat. For example, pureHeat 3-in-1: Heater, Air Purifier, & Humidifier heats the air much more efficiently because the element only heats up to about 250 degrees (25% of other heaters heat up to 1,000 degrees). As a result, the warm air doesn’t go straight to your ceiling, leaving the rest of your room cold. The heater itself isn’t too hot to touch and is literally incapable of overheating. pureHeat 3-in-1 is powerful enough for those large spaces in your home that tend to feel drafty and cool. BONUS: While it’s keeping you warm, it’s also purifying your air and adding moisture for that extra healthy, comfortable environment. Just read this review from one of our recent customers, Stephanie: “This 3-in-1 heater is exactly what I needed for my house! I was looking for an air purifier and needed a heater as well so this was a perfect fit. The humidifier was an added bonus.” 

If you’re looking for a deal that’s almost too hot to believe, we also offer two other GreenTech Environmental heaters that use PTC heat. pureHeat SNUG heats smaller spaces directly from your wall outlet, saving valuable space on your floor in bathrooms, small bedrooms, or offices. pureHeat WAVE can handle medium-sized rooms thanks to its ability to powerfully project heat across the room by oscillating a full 90 degrees. BONUS: Save money with pureHeat SNUG and pureHeat WAVE because they both come in at an affordable $79 for safe, reliable, energy-efficient heat!

Outdoor heating is not something that most heaters can provide, but GreenTech Environmental offers two great outdoor infrared heating solutions so that your friends and family can continue to enjoy the outdoors this winter! pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO is perfect for your deck, patio, porch, garage, or workshop. It comes with a telescoping pole stand, but can also be mounted directly to your wall. Its included remote means that adjusting the temperature is easy and convenient. BONUS: Use the remote to set the pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO timer so that you can head back indoors without having to remember to come back out to turn the heater off.

pureHeat TABLE is currently on clearance at GreenTech Environmental and is truly one of the most unique heating options. It’s a table and heater in one with a classy weather-resistant tempered glass top and LED light for that added pop. pureHeat TABLE is great for indoor or outdoor parties, friendly gatherings, or even that me-time you’ve been wanting with a hot coffee and a book on your back porch. BONUS: The proximity sensors on the heater keep you warm when you’re close while shutting down when you are away, saving energy and money!

No matter the size of your space or the temperature outside, we have you covered with safe, affordable heating options that will last for years to come.