Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Office Without the Allergens and Odors

The abundance of doggy daycare centers, dog parks, and dog groomers throughout the country is testament to how many people have pups as pets (and how much they love them). Many people who are not dog owners themselves still enjoy being around dogs, and there are probably very few people who don’t melt in the presence of a puppy.

Dogs are wonderful companions – friendly, playful, cuddly, and entertaining. There are even health benefits to having a dog: playing with or petting a familiar dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate, slows breathing, and releases muscle tension! 

Take Your Dog to Work Day is an opportunity to share those benefits with our coworkers and bring a bit of levity into the office. Many offices are becoming more dog-friendly, recognizing that the pros of having doggy visitors outweigh the cons. 

According to Rover.com, a dog-friendly workplace offers several advantages:

  • Reduced employee stress 
  • Improved office morale
  • Increased trust and collaboration among coworkers
  • Enhanced productivity

Of course, there are downsides to dogs. They shed, they can smell terrible at times, and their dander can cause misery for those with allergies. For most dog owners, these aren’t insurmountable obstacles, and there are easy ways to lessen them for a cleaner, better-smelling home or office.

GreenTech Environmental’s pureAir line of air-purifying products use state-of-the-art technology inspired by nature to actively seek out contaminants that cause odors, allergy problems, and much more. Each pureAir device uses one or a combination of the following types of technology:

  • Activated Oxygen: The second most powerful sterilant in the world, activated oxygen is an incredibly powerful way to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors.
  • Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®️): GreenTech’s proprietary ARC technology uses photocatalytic oxidation to generate advanced oxidation products (AOPs) that continuously sanitize the air and surfaces, destroying odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Ionization: pureAir devices propel ions into your environment, charging particulates in the air and attracting oppositely charged particles until they clump together. These clumps fall out of the breathing space, where they can be swept up or vacuumed.
  • Plasma Generation: Plasma consists of a gas of ions and free electrons to actively clean the air.

Protect your entire office or home from pet-related allergens and odors with pureAir 3000 or pureAir 1500, sanitizing up to 3,000 or 1,500 square feet, respectively. From ceiling to floor and all the air and surfaces in-between, pureAir eradicates multiple contaminants for clean air everywhere.

For smaller spaces, up to 850 square feet, our pureAir 500 is a simple, affordable device to clear the air of allergens, odors, and more. With our advanced active purification technologies you can purify the air continuously, use the burst setting for tougher odors, or even deep clean while you’re away.

Our pureAir 50 is as simple to use as it gets – just plug it in and choose your desired level of purification. Great for small offices, your home work space, or wherever your dog hangs out the most, it’s small and portable enough to take with you when you travel, too!

Similarly, the rechargeable pureAir SPORT is small and portable, so you can use it in small spaces like your dog’s room, closets, and even your cooler, gym bag, or car. Simply move it wherever you need it most and turn it on!

And no matter where your work takes you, you’ll always be protected with pureAir SOLO, a wearable air-purification device that gives you a four-foot zone of clean air everywhere you go. Providing up to 28 hours of powerful purification per charge, pureAir SOLO is lightweight, quiet, comfortable to wear, and rechargeable.

Visit GreenTechEnv.com for more information on all of our pureAir purifiers and many more residential and commercial purifying products.