10 Reasons to Choose pureHeat by GreenTech - Consistent, Energy-Efficiency, Quiet, Convenience
  1. Consistent, Even Heat: pureHeat’s PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating technology is different than traditional ceramic heaters that simply heat at full power or shut the heater element off completely. Instead, pureHeat’s heating element adjusts in response to the temperature in the room, reducing the heat output as the temperature in the room rises and increasing the heat output as the temperature in the room becomes lower. This automatic response keeps the entire room at a consistent, warm temperature without overheating or shutting down completely.
  2. Safety Features: pureHeat is loaded with safety features, starting with its PTC heating technology that is incapable of overheating and starting a fire. By design, the heating element is limited to an internal temperature of 250°F rather than the +900° that traditional space heaters reach. This also means that the front grille of the heater is a much lower temperature that is safer for your children or pets to come into contact with. pureHeat heaters are also equipped with tip-over safety switches.
  3. Energy-Efficiency: Rather than heating up too quickly and shooting hot air directly toward the ceiling, pureHeat warms at a rate that fills the room from floor to ceiling. Then, once the desired temperature has been reached, pureHeat goes into an energy-efficient mode of maintaining that desired temperature at the lowest energy usage possible.
  4. Silence: Don’t worry about having to turn your volume up to hear over your heater. pureHeat operates at a whisper-quiet level. In addition, pureHeat 3-in-1 and pureHeat 2-in-1 offer a Quiet Mode to provide you with a lower fan speed while still keeping the room warm.
  5. Heat and Purify the Air: pureHeat 3-in-1 and pureHeat 2-in-1 include Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) air purification that can be used year-round to clear the air and surfaces in your home of odors, bacteria, and viruses.
  6. Humid Air is Warmer Air: Other heaters can dry your skin out with harsh heat. pureHeat 3-in-1s added humidification ensures that the air, and you, remain comfortable and free of dryness. This moisture therapy provides a healthier environment that relieves common cold symptoms, dry skin and lips, and scratchy breathing. If that’s not enough to sway you, we will mention that heating with added humidity feels warmer than dry heat at the same temperature.
  7. Lifetime Guarantee: The PTC heating element in pureHeat is so reliable that it’s guaranteed for your life.
  8. Convenience: pureHeat is packed with options for convenience. pureHeat 3-in-1 and pureHeat 2-in-1 are equipped with a 1- to 12-hour pre-timer to turn the heater on and off. They also include a convenient remote to adjust the temperature, air purification, and timer features from the comfort of your chair. In addition, pureHeat 3-in-1 includes wheels and pureHeat 2-in-1 is equipped with handles for convenient mobility.
  9. Space-Saving: Looking for a heater that doesn’t take up space but effectively heats your room? pureHeat SNUG is your best choice. It plugs directly into your wall outlet, leaving the floor space in your room free and clear. And no need to worry about losing the use of your outlet! pureHeat SNUG includes two extra ports on the side of the heater so you can still have power.
  10. BONUS: pureComfort YEAR-ROUND combines into one what has traditionally required two separate appliances, a heater and a fan. As an all-in-one single appliance, for winter it is a 1500W PTC (positive thermal coefficient) heater with strong airflow. For summer, it is a powerful fan that thrusts directed air for circulation throughout the room. Each stands alone with its performance and functions. This unique and advanced space heating and cooling system is 100% heater when you want warmth and 100% fan when you want cool.